What we do

Perjink Research is a consultancy which specialises in providing policy research and editorial advice to clients seeking help to craft messages for their target audience, whether that be parliamentarians eager to stay in touch with their constituents, industry representatives keen to communicate key sectoral business data to government, or community groups with a passion for helping their neighbourhoods become more vibrant and culturally-enriched places to live.

We can help you sort out the research you need to make your case as robust as possible, then couch it in just the right tone of voice to make the greatest possible impact. Whether you’re a trade association or consumer interest advocate looking for advice on how to draft a hard-hitting and attention-grabbing response to a government consultation, a grass-roots campaigner compelled to mount a David versus Goliath struggle to right a terrible wrong, or a candidate for elected office with a vision to communicate, we have the skills and experience to help you get the hearing you deserve.

Experience counts

Perjink has experience in a number of sectors, with a special focus on political messaging, and on issues relating to travel and tourism – from consumer rights advocacy, to on-line destination reporting, and top-level government briefing.

Anne Harvey, director of Perjink, qualified as a solicitor before joining the Consumers’ Association to specialise in travel issues and writing user-friendly reports on destinations across the world for Holiday Which? magazine, ultimately as Head of Research and departmental head. Decades of experience of lobbying government to pursue law reform on behalf of consumers, combined with a 30-year personal track record in political campaigning, inspired a move to the House of Commons.  Soon after arrival at Westminster dogged research uncovered details of the cash for hours scandal, and led to the award of The House magazine’s relevant Parliamentary Researcher of the Year award. A subsequent appointment as Head of Policy at the UK tourism body VisitBritain provided a hands-on insight into how government’s Non-Departmental Public Bodies and executive agencies work.

Since its founding in 2010 Perjink has carried out policy and advocacy work on behalf of VisitBritain, advised politicians at Westminster and in the Scottish Parliament on consultation responses on tourism-related issues and project-managed a major manifesto for the Scottish National Party. With the shifting of consumer travel and tourism advice to digital platforms Perjink has also undertaken a series of projects for TripAdvisor and for US sector-leader Global Motion Media Inc, and the Everytrail.com mobile holiday destination guides.

Why Perjink?

Perjink is a Scots word meaning extremely careful, smart and precise – the qualities that characterise our research and editorial outputs. It’s a one-word mission statement!